Grading sessions are held every 3 months and you must be a member of Woking Karate Club to take part. We also hold a Dan Grading each year.

On this page you’ll find our grading dates for this year and at the appropriate times Grading Forms can be downloaded from here. At the bottom of the page there is a link to the Grading Syllabus for each grade up to 1st Dan, including links to Kata demonstrations, and a Glossary of English and Japanese names required for grading.

2022 Grading Dates for Beginners and Coloured belts

(Black belt grading dates will be published separately)


Little Warriors (Juniors)
February 20th
May 22nd
October 2nd

February 20th
May 22nd
October 2nd (provisional)

senior grading

Please note grading will only take place on the published dates.

Grading registration forms will be issued before each Grading Date to advise the time and location of the grading. If you are a member of the club you can download a grading form, from the appropriate link below, up to three weeks prior to the grading date:

Little Warriors (Junior) grading form
Senior grading form

Anyone intending to grade must ensure that their licence (red or grey book) is fully up to date.

Grading Syllabus

Please Note:
* A minimum of three months must be allowed between Grading periods from beginner to 1st Kyu
* A minimum of six months must be allowed between 1st Kyu and 1st Dan & for Juniors a minimum of 12 months between 1st Kyu and 1st Dan
* A minimum of 2 years must be allowed between 1st Dan and 2nd Dan gradings.
* A minimum period of 3 years must be allowed between 2nd Dan and 3rd Dan gradings.

Click here for the Grading Syllabus.